Client Testimonials

What my clients say

“I was at the lowest ebb in terms of weight loss. I had tried everything. Cheryl devised me a plan that really did work for me. She kept me motivated and as a result I lost 2 stone* as well as inches. She gave me my life back!I had tried so many different diets and they never worked. Cheryl’s nutrition programme really helped me. I eliminated all my bad eating habits, ate healthily and best of all did this without feeling hungry. Cheryl’s advice and encouragement made it all so easy!”

Megan, Ormskirk(Age 16)

“Like most dental professionals, I have suffered with lower back/neck pain as a result of poor working posture. However, as much as I tried myself to improve, the demands of the job meant I would keep falling back into bad habits. I approached Cheryl for help as she focuses on developing core strength through resistance based training. Since working with her my posture, fitness and general wellbeing has greatly improved and I've suffered with no back pain since. Cheryl is skilled, thoughtful and enthusiastic with extensive knowledge of her work. She achieves results and is a pleasure to work with. I recommend her without reservation.”

Meeda, Southport

“Six months or so ago I was a fit, active but very skinny 13 year old boy. I knew I wanted to be stronger and more ‘defined’ (thanks Bruce Lee) however, there are literally hundreds of fitness routines which are available on the internet, but I really did not know which to choose or why. My dad new Cheryl, so signed me up to do some online training with her. After enrolling on her Fitness Coaching programme over Skype, she spent time discussing my goals, what I could achieve now, what I was eating and a general fitness review. She produced a tailored programme with exercises rotating each month, and progressing each week, but chiefly based around ‘resistance’ training. She demonstrated the exercises over Skype video, and watched me do them to make sure I was doing them safely, correcting me where needed.
There is no ‘magic’ involved and the results are proportional directly to the efforts put in, however within 6 months I have improved my 800m time by almost 20 seconds, my 100m time by 2 seconds can now do 50 press ups comfortably, 300 sit ups and have my ‘six pack’*. Cheryl set me on the right path, and the hard work is really paying off. Winter is the time at school where gym work is done – now the skinny kid can shine!! Thanks Cheryl"

Alex, Pontefract Online Fitness Coaching Client

“I can't begin to describe the difference in my life since I first plucked up the courage to call a personal trainer. I Googled local personal trainers when I was at a very low point, as a last resort before looking into gastric band surgery. I was very lucky that the trainer I called was Cheryl! From the outset she has been wonderful for me, teaching me, pushing me when I have needed it, explaining nutrition to me as well as exercise. In 6 months I have dropped 2 dress sizes*, but more importantly I have changed my life. I now exercise 6 days a week, running 5k and completing the conditioning routine set out by Cheryl. I am so proud of how far I have come under her guidance and support, I still have a way to go, but I know for sure that I won't be going back to how I was before. I am the strongest, fittest, healthiest and most confident I have ever been and I can't thank her enough for everything she has done for me."

Alison(Age 36)

“I can’t believe the progress I’ve made since training with Cheryl.The techniques for the short and relatively easy training sessions have unbelievable results, and I have reached my goals faster than I could have ever expected.
I trained with Cheryl to build up my hamstrings after losing half a football season out injured. I’d been kickboxing for 15 years and then teaching for 10 years and playing football. Cheryl diagnosed that I wasn’t using my glutes effectively when running, so she designed a progressive exercise programme to resolve the issue. I’m now stronger than ever, and at 47 years old I am running up & down a football pitch better than ever. I have never met anyone who’s more knowledgeable in the fitness business. Thank you Cheryl."

Greg Mook, Southport(Age 47)

“I really enjoyed my personal training sessions with Cheryl. I’m not very sporty so I was feeling nervous before I started the sessions that they might be too intense for me, but Cheryl quickly put me at ease. We did exercises that were suitable for my capability, Cheryl gradually pushed me and I found my confidence quickly grew and I could push myself. She made a workout plan which was tailored to my needs – which areas I want to focus on and also to suit my physical ability. Cheryl made a diet plan for me which was very useful, she explained the foods I should and shouldn’t be eating and in what quantities, in order to achieve my goals.
Cheryl was very accommodating and if there anything I wasn’t sure about she would guide me through it. Her attendance andtime keeping was very good, arriving at my house every week on time! I also had regular weigh ins for which she would give me a detailed description of the results, telling me what I would need to change and where I was improving, this was a big motivator. I was very happy with how my physical appearance had changed after the personal training sessions, the exercises in the workout plan and changes in my diet really helped me achieve the results I wanted. When my personal training sessions finished Cheryl provided me with detailed instructions and advice to help me stay on the right track."

Jessica (Age 32)

“Cheryl is a great personal trainer. She is encouraging and supportive and has made achieving my goals far easier than I ever expected. On the difficult weeks she has kept me motivated and on track with her enthusiasm and guidance. She has really helped me to have a much more positive outlook on things in general through sharing her mindset techniques, which is having a positive effect on things outside of my training too.She has been a great source of knowledge on diet and nutrition, enabling me to change my diet quite radically, something I definitely wouldn't have achieved on my own. I have no hesitation in recommending her."

Laura, Formby(Age 38)

“I initially met Cheryl after re-joining a local gym. This was not my first effort at getting back into shape having repeatedly started gym memberships in the past, being enthusiastic for a month or two and then slipping back into bad habits again. This time was to be different though. Having a personal trainer promised that one to one support that was to prove invaluable in helping achieve one’s aims. Regular training sessions followed (initially at the gym, but afterwards in the comfort of your own home), and it was not long before things like energy levels, ability to concentrate, mood, posture, etc. all started to improve. Over a period of just a few months, weight loss of 12 kgs* got my BMI down into the healthy range and blood pressure returned to normal without the need for any meds. Add in an improved golf game (apart from putting!) and the end result was a transformed me!
Cheryl constantly changes the workouts ensuring a continuous training effect and her cheerful approach to the sessions always helped to maintain the motivation. I would thoroughly recommend Cheryl to anyone who is wanting to either get themselves into shape or to anyone who wants to improve or maintain their current fitness level but maybe needs a bit of motivation."

Michael, Formby(Age 49)